Education is the key to preserving biodiversity

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General Donations

This planet is losing biodiversity at alarming rates. Your support is more important than ever. Each donation, membership, and purchase supports our mission to serve as a place for learning, a living seed bank, and a hub for biodiversity. Our garden is a microclimate unlike anywhere on the planet where the connection between plants + oceans+ people is experienced by all guests.

Butterfly Sanctuary

To aid in the declining numbers of Monarch Butterflies, the Garden itself has become a sanctuary for these majestic creatures. What was once known as the Founder’s Birdcage will be transformed to contain crown flowers, milkweeds, and other plants necessary for the growth and repopulation of Monarch butterflies.


Not only Hawaii, but worldwide, it is a known fact that Monarch Butterflies are going extinct. Monarchs and butterflies in general are key pollinators necessary for the continued sustainability of ecosystems that are slowly being destroyed. Throughout the Garden, crown flowers and milkweeds are planted for the butterflies to freely roam within.


We are still in the development stage of the sanctuary and our efforts are present in the Garden. As you walk through the garden keep an eye out for these beautiful fluttering Monarchs as they explore their new home. Join us in our efforts towards the growth and repopulation of Monarch butterflies by donating today.


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Safeguard Biodiversity

The plants are part of us and deserve our efforts to ensure their survival. Your donation helps us manage our accessioning program, our rare plant collection, and living seed bank.

Promote Education

We provide the garden as a living classroom for local teachers to use in their curriculum development for virtual and classroom based students of all ages along with free educational tours, field trips, and programming for our local k-12 schools.

Sustainable Leadership

Together with our business community we strive to be a global leader in implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to provide thoughtful eco tourism to protect the bioreserve and educate visitors.