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September 18, 2023
A stunning beautifully designed garden... We visited Hawai‘i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden during a visit to Hawaii as part of a 16-night Hawaiian cruise. It quickly became one of the highlights of our trip. A stunning beautifully designed garden and bio-reserve with unique and rare flora and many places to sit and enjoy the views of the sea or the grounds. This would be a great place for families too, as there's a lot of opportunities for children to learn and enjoy from the interesting informative signage dotted throughout the property. It's worth noting that there is a steep path leading to and from the property due to the nature of the land. Although much of the grounds are wheelchair accessible, this gradient is tough on the return back up; however there are places to stop and catch your breath.
Crane R
Crane R
August 27, 2023
An AMAZING garden, must visit A really well-designed garden with an astounding array of tropical plants. Its not that big but one can easily spend hours there. And there really are mosquitos (we should have gotten the bug dope they suggested, our bad).
August 25, 2023
Worth the drive from Kona! This botanical garden is amazing. Everything is labeled. It's beauitful, and there's a lot to see. We were a senior, a couple, and a toddler when we visited.
Autumn M
Autumn M
August 22, 2023
This is a must do The walk does have some incline and decline, so wear sneakers. The gardens are breathtaking. The ocean views are wonderful. The unique plants and flowers are beautiful. I definitely recommend this place. Make sure you bring a ton of bug spray and water. The mosquitos were insane.
August 19, 2023
Beautiful plants/trees/flowers and views! I grew up on the Big Island and saw plants that I have never seen before Also saw trees that - I did not know could grow so tall! Who new ferns (hapu) and guava trees grew that tall! Aside from the beautiful plants and flowers, there was a waterfall and the ocean to admire. Take time to read the story of how the bioreserve came to being - it's an amazing story. The walk is down a steep slope - you're walking down a valley to the ocean and you do have to walk up that same slope.
Carene O
Carene O
August 17, 2023
Visit on a sunny day A true highlight of our trip to Hawaii. Absolutely stunning! The weather was perfect - to be honest I would not have wanted to be on that little back road trying to find this place in the rain. Boardwalk is steep and would be slippery in the rain, too.
August 8, 2023
Must see Most beautiful botanical garden I have ever been to. As others have said, absolutely breathtaking. Plan to spend a couple of Joe’s here.
August 2, 2023
Must see if you love tropical plants! This bio reserve was impressive. Even more so when you realize the original owner started clearing it in his late 50's! Everything was so lush; I felt truly immersed in a rainforest. Lots of signs to help you ID the tropical plants and some Hawaiian history/culture mixed in. A must-see for any gardener or tropical plant lover. The walk back up the boardwalk is a challenge, but they have resting benches.
Patrick B
Patrick B
July 31, 2023
Very nice Certainly worth a visit for their beautiful collection of tropical plants from all over the world and the cool setting. But not as interesting and stunning as the Limahuli Garden and Preserve on Kaua’i, which specialises in native plants.

Visit the Garden

The Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve & Garden attracts photographers, gardeners, scientists, and nature lovers from around the world. We offer over a mile of trails lined with thousands of rare and endangered flora from all parts of the globe. It is a magical place where paths and bridges guide you over mountain-fed streams and waterfalls into awe-inspiring views of Onomea Bay along the beautiful Hamakua Coast.


Don’t miss seeing the East side of Hawai’i. It is sure to be the highlight of your adventure!

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🎶 Hanakeoki by Eddie Kamaeand the Dons of Hawai’i. We do not own rights to this music.

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🎁 Better yet, Members who bring guests will receive a free gift ($15 retail value) this Thanksgiving weekend, November 24-26, 2023.

While supplies last.

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📖 Looking for activities with your kids when visiting the Garden? HTBG now has Scavenger Hunt Bingo!

🔍 Spot different species of plants, animals and views. Check it off your bingo board and redeem for a prize!

🎶 Kela Mea Whiffa - Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawai’i. We do not own rights to this music.

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🐍 Garden Highlight: Bulbophyllum medusae or Medusa Orchid

🌏 Native to the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia such as in Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, the Lesser Sunda Islands and Sumatra.

👁️ Spot this the Bulbophyllum medusae or the Medusa Orchid in Orchid Garden.

🎼 Mauna Kea by Eddie Kamae and The Sons of Hawai’i. We do not own rights to this music.

#bulbophyllummedusae #medusaorchid #bulbophyllum #orchids #hawaiitropicalbioreserve #hawaiitropicalbotanicalgarden #hawaiitropical #tropicalbotanicalgarden #botanicalgardens #bigislandhawaii #bigisland #hawaii #onomeabay

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💡 Garden Highlight: Cordyline fruticosa or Ti plant

📖 Ti plants were used in many ways by ancient Hawaiians including in ceremonies, clothing, construction, and medicine.

🏡Today Ti is still used for lei making and planted around homes as good luck and known for having intense spiritual energy being sacred to the deities Lono and Laka.

🎶 He Ai Na Ka Lani by Eddie Kamae & The Sons of Hawai’i. We do not own rights to this music.

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💐 To all those who served, we are thankful for selflessly serving our great nation. Your sacrifice will never go unnoticed. Happy Veterans Day!

👐 @hawaiitropicalbioreserve is open today, Friday, November 10 from 9 am to 5 pm, with last entry at 4 pm.

🎁 Veterans receive a gift through Sunday, November 12, 2024. Must provide valid ID and while supplies last.

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🔍 Spotted: Lycaste lasioglossa or the Shaggy-lipped lycaste

🎨 Lycaste lasioglossa boasts bronze to copper sepals with yellow petals.

👀 Find this beauty in Fern Circle.

🎶 Kehaulani by Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii. We do not own rights to this music.

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🐛 When visiting the Garden, don’t forget to look up, look in and look around. You might find some garden critters going on with their day.

1. Danaus plexippus (Monarch Butterfly)
2. Loxosceles rufescens (Mediterranean Recluse)
3. Monarch Butterfly caterpillar
4. Phelsuma laticauda (Gold Dust Day Gecko)

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👻 Visiting the Garden this Halloween weekend? Don’t forget to #LookUpLookInLookAround for some spooky things to see in the Garden. 🦇 🐍 🪦

📖 Featured:
1. Zamia fischeri
2. Tacca integrifolia
3. Zamia furfuracea
4. Ceiba speciosa
5. Philodendron domesticum
6. Barringtonia asiatica
7. Salacca zalacca
8. Musa acuminata zebrina
9. Thelacantha brevispina
10. Graves

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👀 Don’t forget to look up, look in and look around when visiting the Garden.

🔍 Looking in at Orchid Garden, we spotted this beautiful Coelogyne rochussenii in full bloom.

#coelogynerochussenii #coelogyne #tropicalbotanicalgarden #botanicalgarden #hawaiitropicalbioreserve #hawaiitropicalbotanicalgarden #bigislandhawaii #orchidgarden #hawaii #bigislandhawaii🌺 #onomeabay

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👻 Our last spooky plant highlight is the Ceiba speciosa Silk Floss Tree.

🔍 Found by Cook Pine Trail, it blooms five 3-inch pink-and-white petal flowers during fall season. After blooming, it produces seeds with cotton-like fibers in its capsules.

🎶 Kolomana Slack by Ledward Kaapana. We do not own rights to this music.

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