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A Day In Paradise

gift shopLocated on the Four-Mile Scenic Route at the back of Onomea Valley, the Garden's dramatic entrance gate lies just across the street from a beautiful new visitor center with ample free parking surrounded by lush rainforest jungle. A wide lanai, with roof supported by native Hawaiian 'ohia logs, wraps around the visitor center. Comfortable chairs provide a relaxed atmosphere where guests sit and talk while enjoying views of Onomea Stream that flows gently just below. Prior to entering the Garden, visitors must register in the gift shop which features many very fine and exlusive, locally made arts and crafts as well as a wide selection of books on tropical plants. Umbrellas are provided for free in case of rain.

Garden BoardwalkBeckoning from across the street is the beautiful entrance gate to the Garden. Here you are greeted by the Garden's gate keepers who will answer your questions and then you will be sent on your way into the tropical jungle.

A 500 foot long elevated boardwalk winds down the steep-walled, narrow ravine of Kahalii Stream that now runs dry because a 1949 landslide diverted all its water into Onomea Stream.

The Kahalii ravine is festooned with exotic tropical growth of giant bamboo, bananas, gingers, orchids and heliconias.

Palm Vista

Palm VistaTrail Visitors come from all over the world to view the Garden's extraordinary collection of palms. The Garden is home to nearly 200 species of palms: fan, fish-tail, sago, date, and betel nut palms are just a few that can be seen from the Palm Vista. Other interesting palms include the wanga palm from Malaysia, the fastest- growing palm in the world; and the orange areca palm, with its fascinating red seeds. For a complete list of our palms Click here

Along the Palm Vista Trail, from the Fern Circle to the bottom of the steps near the Palm Jungle, you will see more than 50 species of plants and trees - including the giant jackfruit tree with its enormous colorful fruit, sometimes more than two feet long!

Palm Jungle Trail

palm jungleIf the Giant Fern Circle is the heart of the Garden, then the Palm Jungle is the soul. Here a forest of towering Alexandra palms creates the feeling of a cathedral, and visitors often fall silent as they enter. Originally from Australia, Alexandra palms grow profusely in valleys along the Hamakua Coast. They have long, creamy flower clusters that appear below the fronds. These flowers produce huge clusters of seeds which turn from green to a beautiful red. Then they fall and carpet the jungle floor to produce hundreds of tiny new palm tree seedlings.

After winding your way through the Palm Jungle, you will find Onomea Stream descending from the mountains through this cool glade of palms on its way to the sea. Onomea Stream has created the crown jewel of the Garden, Onomea Falls.

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