Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve and Garden during the rain is a lush and vibrant environment, with the sound of raindrops hitting the leaves and the ground providing a constant background noise. The air is moist and fresh, and the vegetation is a deeper shade of green due to the rain. Water accumulates on leaves and tree trunks, creating a shiny, glistening appearance. 

Our waterfalls are more intense during the rain as the increased rainfall causes the rivers to flow stronger. The sound of the waterfall may also become louder during this time. Come and visit HTBG during the rain to experience something truly unique.

Some people visit us to relax; some seek adventure; some come to learn and experience local culture. We are fortunate to provide a place where you can have all of these experiences and more. 


  • Visit in the morning! There are many reasons why visiting HTBG in the morning is your best bet: less people, ample parking, great light for photographs, flowers glistening with morning dew, cooler temps, and less mosquitos.
  • Look up. The canopy is an important part of this ecosystem and has some killer views too. Take a moment to admire what is above you.
  • Grab an umbrella. Weather can change quickly in Hawaii! You’ll be glad you have it if it starts to rain. While packing, consider bringing a rain jacket as well if you plan on spending a considerable amount of time on this part of the island.
  • Plan your day around it HTBG! If you’re coming from the other side of the island, plan a day trip. There are lots of great natural sites, restaurants and shopping opportunities in the area. Just remember, last entry is at 4pm.
  • Check out the FAQ. There’s a good chance your questions have already been asked and answered here.


check out the "plant of the week" to get an idea of what is blooming during your visit.​