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Help support a more sustainable future

Why Donate to the PBEL Initiative?

A more just, equitable, and environmentally friendly future requires enhanced connections between people and the environment, as well as the ability to meet objectives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). However, traditional approaches to education are not always enough to effectively prepare future leaders for engaging with stakeholders or for developing successful, creative solutions. Another underlying issue is a disconnect between people and nature. A lack of understanding, awareness, and motivation are significant barriers to change when issues like inequalities and inequities, plastic pollution, over-consumption, global climate change and others require urgent action. These challenges and barriers all need input from people who are passionate, skilled, and well-informed, so it is crucial that more people are taught about and actively engaged in PBEL programs.

Your Contribution Supports:

Safeguard Biodiversity

The plants are part of us and deserve our efforts to ensure their survival. Your donation helps us manage our accessioning program, our rare plant collection, and living seed bank.

Promote Education

We provide the garden as a living classroom for local teachers to use in their curriculum development for virtual and classroom based students of all ages along with free educational tours, field trips, and programming for our local k-12 schools.

Advance Science

Working with ASU, University of Hawaii and program partners we serve as a hub for scientific research and development around sustainability and biodiversity.

Sustainable Leadership

Together with our business community we strive to be a global leader in implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to provide thoughtful eco tourism to protect the bioreserve and educate visitors.