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Welcome to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Plant Database

You can search the database three ways.

  • The first box is a pull down list of all of our plant families. Choose a family then click search by Family
  • The Second box has the option of searching by Genus, Species, Genus and species, Common name, or Country/Region of Origin. For example, Areca, elegans, Africa, South America, Colombia. Enter a name and then click Search.
  • The Last box is a pull down menu to search by Garden Area. Pick an area then click Search Location

This database is a work in progress. Results appear like the random example on the right

So far, the Database includes 1762 accessions, with 488 Genera from 94 families

Barringtonia asiatica

Barringtonia asiaticaAccession Number: LECY-011-8-19-1
Author: (L.) Kurz
Common Name: (Fish Poison Tree)
Synonym: Agasta asiatica
Habit: Large Tree
Height: 60ft
Origin: Madagascar, Philippines, Polynesia
Uses: This tree contains a poison called Saponin. The plant is pounded, pulped or grated to release the poison which is used to stun fish in freshwater streams.
Garden Location: Ocean Trail, Alakahi Stream Trail